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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

The basics of making an attack are straightforward. You find out whatever information you want and can get about the realm you hope to attack, then you send enough military and generals to overcome the defense of that realm. Any land, gold, peasants, or mana captured is available immediately, but the attacking forces only return after a period of time determined by the Planer Gate distance between you and your target.

The target of your attack may be any other realm in the game except realms in Newbie, Vacation, Disabled, or Safety status. Attacks are made from the Attack Control Center, where you specify what realm you are attacking, how many of each type of military unit you want to send, and how many generals. Each general you send, after the first, adds a 3% bonus to your offensive strength.

Calculating how many units to send requires knowing or estimating how much defensive strength the target realm has, whether it has military shields, and what bonus factors affect its defense. If you add up all the defensive strength of all the units at home defending that realm, multiplied by 1 plus the sum of all the defensive bonus factors, that gives you the base defense of that realm. The total land of that realm times 2 gives you the land defense of that realm (note that bonuses do not apply to land defense). Use whichever of those is larger for the defensive strength of the realm.

Compute your offensive strength as the total offensive strength of all the units you are sending to attack, multiplied by 1 plus the sum of all the offensive bonus factors. If the offensive strength of your attack is greater than the defensive strength of the realm, your attack will succeed.

Your army will return in a few hours, depending on how far the realm is via Planer Gate coordinates. Researching Planar Mapping will tell you, before you attack, how long they will be away. If you send one general, all of the troops return in that time. If you send 2 generals, half your troops will return in 1/2 that time and the rest in the full time. If you send 3 generals, 1/3 of your troops will return in 1/3 of the time, another 1/3 in 2/3 of the full time, and the last 1/3 in the full time. Similarly for 4 generals.

Your generals are not fools. There are several reasons they will refuse to go on a mission.

(1) If you do not leave at least 33.3% of your defense at home guarding your home realm, the generals will refuse the mission.
(2) They will not go against overwhelming odds, so if the defense of a realm is more than 5 times the offense you are sending, the generals will refuse to go.
(3) If you attempt to attack yourself or your own $PDBNameSystem, your generals will laugh at you.
(4) If you attempt to attack a realm with land that is less than 50% of your own, your generals will disdain the mission. They will, however, still attack a realm that is doomed by being under 250 land.
(5) They will not attack a realm in Newbie Status, Safety Status, Disabled Status, or Vacation Status.

Attack Type. When you attack, you must select one of the following attack types.

Raid - A quick and sneaky attack on another realm to secure small amounts of land. The speed and surprise factor involved in a Raid means that the defense is seldom able to muster all available forces to protect realm's resources. This same speed and surprise also leads to considerably reduced resource capture of gold, mana and peasants. The amount of land and resources gained is determined by how many of the defending troops you do defeat before they marshal enough strength to drive you away. Raids are generally only useful against realms of similar size or larger than the attacker. Casualties for the defense tend to be fairly light, and even for the attacker are fewer than for a standard Assault. You can only raid realms that have between 80% and 300% of your land. In addition, you must defeat at least 34% of the defensive forces to have any hope of success in a raid. Frequent raids on a single realm lead to a state of heightened alert where further raids have no chance of success.

Raid Land Gains - Percentage of attacker's land gained in a raid
Attack:Defense 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Land Gain 1.2% 1.8% 2.4% 3% 3.6% 4.2% 4.8% 5.4% 6%

Assault - An all out attack on the enemy realm. You launch an all out Assault to capture as much land and resources as possible. The amount of time it takes to organise and prosecute an attack of this magnitude allows the defense to be fully prepared for your attack. You must defeat the realm's full defense in order to capture any land or resources. The actual resources captured is determined by the relative sizes of the realm involved, generally the bigger the target the better the return to the attacker. Attacks against realms less than half your land size will result in very poor returns.
If your full Assault attack is successful, your generals will bring home gold, mana, peasants and land from the realm you attacked. The amount of all of those resources that you get depends on the ratio of your total land to the total land of the target realm before your attack. If the target realm is larger than yours, you will get a full 10% of his gold, mana, peasants, and land. If it is smaller, the percent of his resources that you will receive can be estimated from the following table.

Ratio of Attacker's to Defender's total land Defender's land as a percent of Attacker's land Approximate percent obtained in successful attack
defender under 250 land   minimum of 20 land
10:1 10% 0.8%
5:1 20% 1.7%
3:1 33% 2.8%
5:2 49% 3.2%
2:1+ 50%+ 10%
defender larger 100% or greater 10%

Plunder - An attempt to capture as much resources as possible without securing as much land as in a standard Assault. You must fully defeat the defenders to be successful, but these battles tend to be less fierce and so casualties are lighter for both attacker and defender. Your armies will return with significantly more gold, mana and peasants than from an Assault, but also considerably less land.

Attack Misty Isle - Occasionally, a Misty Isle passes through a Sphere. When you discover such an event, the realms in your sphere can see and attack it for cheap land. Misty Isles contain only land, not gold, mana, or peasants. They have no military defense, but they do have land defense of 2 per land. They have no defensive bonuses. Return times from Misty Isle attacks are the minimum for your realm type. A Misty Isle can be attacked only by realms in the sphere through which it is passing, and it will disappear when it has no more land or after a few hours. Land gain from a Misty Isle is always 10% of its size, with a minimum of 25 if it has that much left.

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