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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

In the Building Construction Center, you can order the construction of many different types of buildings. Each building requires enough gold and one free land to construct it on.

The cost of constructing a building increases with the total amount of land you have. You can see the status of your construction by clicking on the My Status link in the left menu, then on Construction Status.

The time required to complete a building varies with your morale, race, and can also be affected by such things as Wonders and spells. The minimum build time is 14 hours and the maximum is 18 hours.

Each building has a different function, as shown in the table.

Building Type Function  
Villages Provides housing for 60 peasants  
Farms Produces 150 Food per hour and stores 750 Food  
Markets Converts Excess Resources to Gold.
each Markets can convert...
500 Food into 100 Gold, 1000 Mana into 100 Gold, 50 Peasants into 50 Gold
Excess is defined as any production left after storage capacity is full.
Only Evil Races (Undead, Demons, Orcs) can sell excess population (slaves).
Forts Provides housing for 120 military forces  
Mana Pools Produces 120 mana per hour and stores 550 mana  
Mana Fountains Produces 180 mana per hour and stores 1100 mana *
Summoning Altars Reduces the cost of training military  
Spy Guilds Produces a new spy every hour untill Guild Capacity is reached.
Guild Capacity is approximately 450 Spies per guild.
(Depends on factors like Spy Research, Morale, Personality)
Gold Mines Produces 135 gold per hour  
Alchemist Labs Produces 175 gold per hour *

* research is required before you can construct this building

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