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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

Hall Of Records
The Hall Of Records shows a variety of statistical information about your realm and its performance to date.
Premium account holders get access to all the following data; standard accounts get access to a restricted amount.

Spy Operations -- This section contains details about your Spies, success, failures, a breakdown of mission types, and resources captured and/or destroyed.

Combat Operations -- This section contains details of your combat operations, including a breakdown of successful attack types, attacks and defenses, relative landsize of your targets to your own landsize, and the average landsize of your targets.

Realm Details -- This section gives details on land gained, highest land figure attained this game, highest Glory figure attained this game, peasants lost to homeless death, and military units that have deserted for lack of barracks or housing.

The Hall Of Records also contains Glory per acre, and OPA and DPA figures. Defense per acre or DPA, is a measure of available defense per acre of land at that moment in time. Offense per Acre or OPA is a measure of total offense for all units, whether available at home or not. Both figures are RAW, they are not modified for military science, shields or anything else.

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