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Chaos Mode
Chaos mode happens at the end of each round after the scores have been archived and the round is finished. It is a period of a few days between one round finishing and the next starting where everyone gets to have some fun, invade their friends, cast spells on anyone they like, and generally just goof off for a short while.

During Chaos mode, the following differences from Normal mode happen:

All Spies Missions succeed, except that Wonders still function.
All Spies Missions are identified.
Raids and Spies Missions are not limited by heightened alert.
All successful attacks gain 10% of the victim's land, gold, peasants and mana.
Generals are willing to attack against overwhelming odds.
Generals are willing to leave their home realm under-defended.
Spells always do full damage, although spell shields still function.
Hourly gold income is increased by a factor of 2.
Return times from all forms of attacks are minimized without regard to Race or Personality.

Note: Game scores are archived as of the last score update. There may be a short time lag after the score update until Chaos mode begins. Actions taken between the last score update and the start of Chaos are NOT included in the final scores for the round.

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