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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

Mage's Council
The Mage's Council is an organization that polices the use of insults and obscenity in Mage Realms and warns, fines, or disables offenders. There is no appeal from the decisions of the Mage's Council. If you are warned or fined by the Mage's Council, you will be notified via in-game message. If you are disabled, you will see why at the next attempt to log in.

The Mage's Council enforces the "Appropriate Language" section of the Game Rules. In particular, any insults toward another player may result in Council action, whether they are obscene or not. All obscenity will result in Council action.

As long as you make your messages, posts, and other communication in the game something that you would freely say to your own dear mother, you will not be likely to violate the Game Rules on language.

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