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Game Basics

-Score Types
-The Universe
-Newbie Status
-Chaos Mode
-Lightning Rounds

Account Control

-Account Details
-Magic Types
-My Realm
-My Status
-Hall Of Records


-Building Types
-Building Upgrades


-Unit Details
-Unit Upgrades
-Wizard Eye Scanner
-Attack Calculator


-Hostility and War
-Sphere Politics
-Facebook Center
-Mage's Council

-Premium Accounts
Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

Mage Realms Help Manual

Welcome to the Mage Realms Help Manual.

Here you can get information about everything you need to do to manage your realm and your resources. Mage Realms is an online strategy and building game, and sometimes a war game. As the ruler of your realm, you must build up your realm, manage your economy, choose and train military units, and do battle to defend your territory or to gain resources such as land, gold, mana, and peasants.

Your realm is one realm in a sphere of 8, and the others in your sphere are your allies. The ultimate goal of the game is to have fun, win wars, gain fame and honor, and to place your realm or your sphere high in the scores.

If you are a raw newcomer, start with the Newbie Starting Guide at the top of the list. It will give you a quick start. But then be sure to read the rest of the information, so you know where to go from there. If you are more experienced, the rest of the help is organized to help you find whatever you are looking for.

What goals do you really have in this game? You decide, but always remember ...

        Universal Domination can be FUN!

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