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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

Morale is a measure of the happiness and productivity of your peasants. It runs from a low value of 8000 to a high value of 12000.

Morale Effects
Gold Production -20% to +20%
Mana Production -20% to +20%
Food Production -20% to +20%
Building Construction Time +2 hours to - 2 hours
Troop Training Time +2 hours to - 2 hours

Extremely badly demoralised military may desert your army.
Extremely badly demoralised peasants may leave seeking a new life in distant lands.

Morale has no effect on Spells.

Effects on Morale
Morale is effected by...

Positive Effects.
Successful Attacks.
Successful Spy Missions.
Successful Spells.
Having ample food.
Winning Wars

Negative Effects
Failed Attacks.
Failed Spy Missions.
Failed Spells.
Being Attacked.
Being Spied on.
Being hit by spells.
Loosing a war.
Having no food. (except undead)
Having no mana.
Having a shortage of forts for military.
Having a shortage of villages for peasants.

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