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Personalities give a range of special abilities as detailed below. Your personality is selected at account creation and remains fixed for the length of the round. While the game is in Sign Up Status you may change your personality via the Account Control Page.

  Return Times Casualties Magic Resist Spell Time Spell Cost Unit Time Unit Cost Spy Turns Bribe Resist Research Barracks Food
Arch Mage000.15-10.511.101111
Master Thief000.050101.151111
War General-10011.0500.8501111
War Hero-100010100.25111
  Pop Sci Mana Sci Military Sci Money Sci Spy Sci Agriculture Sci Engineering Sci Shield Sci Special
Arch Mage20%50%9%25%40%25%20%100%
Master Thief20%50%12%25%80%25%20%100%None
War General20%50%49.8%25%20%25%20%100%None
Cleric30%50%30%25%20%25%20%100%Immune to Death Touch
War Hero20%50%36%31.25%40%25%20%100%Quick Morale recovery
Barbarian15%50%33.6%25%40%25%20%100%NO SPELLS, Ignores Shields, SL and Wonder on attack

Personality Descriptions

Arch Mage

A lifetime spent studying the ways of magic has led to complete mastery of magic and all things magical. The Archmage is the ultimate spell caster, with a natural resistance to the spells of others, and is also capable of producing spells faster and with fewer resources than anyone else. Their complete devotion to their ways of magic however means they tend to look with scorn on military operations, the armies of Archmages tend to be less organised and less efficient than those of other personalities.

Master Thief

A lifetime spent learning the ways of the underground has lead to a complete mastery of spying and thievery. The Master Thief is an opponent to be reckoned with, his spies can descend without notice and paralyse an opponent with their many covert operations. Master Thieves gain extra Spy turns over all other personalities and have much more efficient and stronger spy networks. However, reliance on subterfuge makes them much less of a competitor on the field of combat. The armies of a Master Thief tend to be lightly armed and at a disadvantage against most foes.

War General (War Leader, Chieftain)

In depth study of the ways of war is the hallmark of the General, adept at the creation and leading of vast armies onto the field of battle the General is unequalled when it comes to military power and wielding it as an instrument of statecraft. The General is able to train troops faster and cheaper than any other personality, and advanced training makes them more effective in battle. While the General understands the extra power of combining spy operations and magic spells to support his troops the resources applied to his military leave both these areas at a slight disadvantage.

Cleric (Paladin, Knight, Shaman, Witch Doctor)

Calling on the divine power of the gods the Cleric is the spiritual leader of his or her people. The clerics belief in adhering to the tenants of their chosen religion empowers them with divine abilities gifted from the gods themselves.

War Hero (Hero)

The mighty hero, whose legendary feats are retold by bards all over the lands, People lead by the War Hero tend to be of higher morale than all other peoples. They look up to their leader and do their utmost to support him in his endeavours, they willing join his mighty armies and happily pay increased taxes to fund his forays into neighbouring realms in search of fame and fortune.

Scholar (Sage/Scribe)

Dedicated to a life of research and study, never far from a library, peoples lead by the Scholar tend to be better educated and more industrious than those lead by any other personality.

Barbarian (Berserker)

The wild barbarian makes a mighty leader. His berserker battle skills make his troops deadly on the battlefield, ignoring any chance of death in the pursuit of their goals. His up bring totally removed from all magic gives him a great resistance to magic of all sorts and a great distrust of Spell Users. So much so that peoples lead by a Barbarian disdain the use of any magic, even friendly magic. The nomadic lifestyle of the barbarian means they tend to avoid cities and live on the move, roaming their realm at will and living off the land.