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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

Each Race has unique characteristics that make it play differently than the others.
The following table lists the advantages and disadvantages of each Race.
Race Mana Gen Food Required
(Note 1)
Army Return Time
(Note 2)
Research Bonus Maximum Peasants Income Bonus Max Spy Turns Magic Resist
(Note 3)
Plunder Bonus
(Note 4)
Magic Bonus
(Note 5)
Other Abilities
Human      12   None
Elf   +20%-10% 12  -15%None
Orc   -20% -5%12 +25% Good Offense
Demon+30%   -20% 12   Stronger expensive units
Goblin -30%  +30% 12   Weaker cheap units
Dwarf    -10%+10%12+10% +10%Good Defense
Gnome   +50%-5%+5%12   Cheaper Scholars
Undead -100%+20% -5%-5%10   Low Casualties, Death Touch
Draconian -20%-30%   12 -20% None
Halfling +15%-10%   15 +10% Poor Offense
1: -100% = No Food Requirments.
2: + = Slower return    - = Faster return.
3: Magic resistance = Bonus to magic shields. With 10% bonus, 30% shields becomes 33% (not 40%!).
4: Plunder Bonus applies to all attack types.
5: Spell Bonus applies to build times and costs.   + is more expensive,    - is less expensive.
Race Descriptions


Humans are the most common of all races within the Realms. They are smart, tactical and have a good knowledge of the surrounding area. When colonizing they have taken all considerations into account and worked out a way to keep a steady level of economy and fighting spirit thus eliminating any disadvantages. However, in doing so they haven't worked out a way to increase any characteristics either, making Human a well-balanced race. Humans have a tendency to be passive in nature. They stand for what is right and will die for their honor. There is a lot of controversy as to when and where the Humans came from. According to the Elves, they are foreigners to the Planes and were certainly not the first here.


Elves have existed for thousands of years. In their extensive time in the realm they have discovered how to research spells faster and cheaper than other races. They also excel in all other research areas. Because Elvish peasants don't like to be crowded they are often fewer in numbers than other races. However this is more than made up for by their spell casting ability and research.


Orcs stand at nearly 8 feet tall and once were the most feared of all races of the Planes. They were bad-tempered and suicidal. However, times have passed and since then new technologies have been discovered putting them back in the running for the strongest race. Orcs are generally slow or simple in Nature. This has unfortunately slowed them down in research. Usually you see Orc raiders pillaging villages, looting what they can, often dragging off peasants with them. Orcs have mastered this form of attack giving them a plundering advantage.


Demons have always existed in the dark of the night. It's only been recently they have decided to reveal themselves to prove they are the dominant force on the Planes. The ability to hide themselves and sneak around has enabled them to discover locations of the best Mana Pools, thus being able to tap in and gain a generous amount every hour. However this operation is risky and many peasants have lost their lives, reducing their population greatly. Because of this, the Demon race stresses strength over numbers, organizing their community to develop tough fighters but at a greater cost.


Goblins are small, standing at 5 feet tall on average. They have green or dark grey skin and are usually very hostile should you enter their Realm. They have little or no hair and are always smiling. If you encounter one, it's very hard to tell if he is eyeing you for a nice meal or just going on with his day. Short tempered with little patience, you can often hear the goblin crowds cheering two goblins fighting over something. Because of this impatient nature, they haven't bothered to develop great fighting skills, thus most of their units are very weak. Due to their fertility, they are very dense in population so are able to compensate with greater numbers.


At 4 feet tall, these dwarves are fierce but defensive at the same time. They spend most of their time down in the gold mines, usually dug into the foot of a mountain. Because of their nature and skill in mining, naturally they have an income bonus. However, due to being constantly in the shafts and bases of the mountains, they cannot practice their spells enough to make them worthwhile. While still effective, they do have a penalty. A dwarf is a very solitary being, some of them go through their entire lives only having a few people they talk to. This unfortunately has a big impact on their population.


Gnomes can often be mistaken for Dwarfs as they are roughly the same size standing at around 4 feet tall, however they are usually skinnier around the waist and in some respects, smarter. Gnomes are very cunning and inventive, you can usually see them helping allied realms with their strategic battle plans. Due to their nature, they usually rely on wits rather than muscle. Their scholars are excellent, providing the latest technologies at a very fast rate. Due to the research advancements, they can train new scholars for a cheaper price.


Once a rumor, the living dead have now become a reality. It is unknown what these creatures were in their previous life, but today they take on the form of lichs, zombies, wraiths and more! Generally not accepted in any Plane, Zombies have been outcasts ever since their existence. Usually living on the edge of a Plane, they take a generous amount of time longer to return from battle. Their mature is rather dull, but at the same time are very loyal friends. If you become friends with one of these undead creatures you can be sure to have a friend for life because of their situation and the way people reflect on them. They try their best to be accepted, usually giving donations to needy realms, thus reducing their income slightly. Although the Undead keep to themselves, In battle they are ruthless and fierce. They have been and fallen here before and refuse to fall once more. This fighting spirit has created a bond between them constantly watching each others backs, thus reducing their casualties vastly.


Draconians can often be seen around active volcanoes or other hot spots. Descendents of Dragons, these guys are scaly and usually a reddish-brown in color. When a place becomes to cold for them, they move their entire colony to a new area. Because of this they have learnt the art of fast travel, thus giving them good return times whether it be going to and from colonies or even returning from battles. Draconians using this advantage in battle has proved tough for opposing forces. Usually it's more of a scare tactic than anything, however Draconians have been seen from time to time attacking in large numbers very swift and fast. Because of their mobile nature, they are basically possessionless, only keeping the bare requirements to live on, often leaving the battlefield with only what they came with.


A fun loving peaceful race who enjoy a good feed, several times a day if possible. Their small stature makes them quick and nimble but they have an unfortunate genetic disposition towards petty larceny. "If its not nailed down its fair game, and if its nailed down I always have a claw hammer on me" They are not inclined to war but do defend themselves vigorously when attacked. On the rare occasions they have been know to go on the attack the results have been likened to a swarm of locusts descending and stripping the land bare. They are not inclined toward magic, prefering to rely on their inate genetic abilities to make their way in the world.

Descriptions written by Stephen Emerson.

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