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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

Premium Accounts
Although everyone is welcome to play Mage Realms for free indefinitely, Premium Accounts are available for a small fee. This fee is used to help pay the expenses of running the game, such as the webhost server.

The following benefits are enjoyed by Premium Accounts:

1. Unlimited use of the Wizard Eye

2. Unlimited use of the Scouter

3. Unlimited use of the Attack Calculator

4. A fourth Discovery each day

5. Expanded statistics in the Hall Of Records

A Premium account costs US $5 per round, or US $25 for a full year subscription, and is good for the entire round, even if you are killed and have to restart.

Payment can be made at the time you make your account, or at any later time you decide you want it.

Payment options include

1. PayPal -- requires a credit card or bank account.

2. Manual credit card transaction -- contact for instructions.

3. Postal mail -- contact for instructions if you live in or near Europe or the Americas, or contact if you live in or near Australia, New Zealand or the Orient.

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