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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

In the Scholar Research Centers, you can assign your scholars to work on many different technologies. Some of the technologies need to be researched constantly, as they depend on the amount of land you have; others just need to be researched once and they are yours for the rest of the game.

If you lose scholars for any reason, such as spells that destroy them or military desertions, your remaining scholars will stop work and must be reassigned. Premium account holders may choose a topic that unassigned scholars will immediately go to work on.

The following table shows the benefit of each technology and the total research points necessary to use it.

Technology Benefit Research needed
Population Growth Increases the number of peasants or military that your buildings hold
(maximum 20%)
Depends on
total land
Mana Production Increases the hourly mana production of your Mana Pools and Mana Fountains
(maximum 50%)
Depends on
total land
Military Tactics Increases the offense and defense bonus of your military
(maximum 30%)
Depends on
total land
Gold Digging Increases the hourly income from your Gold Mines, Alchemist Labs and taxes
(maximum 25%)
Depends on
total land
Spy Research Provides a chance of identifying a realm targetting you with a Spies Mission
Improves Production of Spy Guilds
Increases Capacity of Spy Guilds to train spies
(maximum 40%)
Depends on
total land
Agriculture Increases the hourly production and storage capacity from your Farms
(maximum 25%)
Depends on
total land
Engineering Reduces the cost and build time for buildings.
(maximum 20% / 2 hours )
Depends on
total land
Shields Controls maximum effectiveness of Military, Spell, and Spy Shields Depends on
total land
Advanced Defensemen Allows training of the Advanced Defensemen military unit 95,000
Advanced Attackers Allows training of the Advanced Attackers military unit 85,000
Mighty Warriors Allows training of the Mighty Warriors military unit 300,000
Alchemist Labs Allows construction of Alchemist Labs 125,000
Mana Fountains Allows construction of Mana Fountains 110,000
Planar Mapping Informs you of the army return times before an attack 45,000
Wizard Eye Allows use of the Wizard Eye Scanner 60,000
Advanced Spells Allows preparing and casting of advanced spells 400,000
Mathematics Allows use of the Attack Calculator 60,000
Scrolls Allows inscription of new scrolls 800,000

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