Newbie Starting Guide

Insanely Basic Info

Game Basics

-Score Types
-The Universe
-Newbie Status
-Chaos Mode
-Lightning Rounds

Account Control

-Account Details
-Magic Types
-My Realm
-My Status
-Hall Of Records


-Building Types
-Building Upgrades


-Unit Details
-Unit Upgrades
-Wizard Eye Scanner
-Attack Calculator


-Hostility and War
-Sphere Politics
-Facebook Center
-Mage's Council

-Premium Accounts
Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

The Universe
The Universe consists of 1 planes, numbered from 1 through 1. Each plane consists of 10 spheres, numbered 1 through 10. Each sphere consists of 8 realms, one of which is yours.

You can browse through the Universe by using the Previous and Next arrows (<< and >>) on the Sphere screen, or by specifying a particular plane and sphere number you wish to see.

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