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Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

Each wonder is a unique structure that benefits all who live within its sphere. Wonders are very rare so there is a limit to the number of wonders that may be built! Each plane may contain only one of the possible wonders. That means spheres must race to be the first in their plane to complete the desired wonder. Wonders are not indestructable, so if a sphere greatly desires a particular wonder currently owned by another sphere... Well, set it ablaze!

Wonders can only be built by sphere leaders, but every member of a sphere may contribute gold, mana, and peasants to create a wonder. To either donate to or build a wonder, use the Wonders link on the left navigation menu. When a sufficient number of resources have been accumulated, the sphere leader may construct the desired wonder. Construction is instantaneous.

Any excess resources are kept in the Wonder Fund for making repairs. The sphere leader controls repairing the wonder in the wonder menu. People within the sphere may contribute more resources at any time, to keep a reserve for repairs. Wonders deteriorate slowly over time and small repairs may be necessary from time to time.

Rival spheres may decide to remove an opponent's wonder, either to build that wonder or to weaken the opponent. You can even destroy your own wonder if you want. Wonders can only be damaged or destroyed by spells. The amount of damage done varies depending on the spells cast.

Each Wonder has a different effect on the sphere in which it was built, and the Wonders continue to function during Chaos Mode. The effects and the maximum strength of the wonders, the resources necessary to build each wonder, and the descriptions of the wonders are shown in the following tables.

Wonder Function Strength
Castle Stronghold Income Increase +10%
Defense Bonus +10%
Military Housing +40%
Orc Training Field Income Increase +10%
Military Casualties -1%
Offense Bonus +15%
Great Wall Defense Bonus +15%
Increased defence against all Spies missions
Reduces the cost of buildings and building upgrades by 15%
Thieves Den Spies Growth +25%
Spies Missions +2
Spies Losses -30%
Hanging Gardens Mana Growth +50%
Mana Storage +50%
Peasants Growth +1%
Maximum Housing +30%
Food Production +10%
Clerics Healing Tower Peasants Growth +0.2%
Military Casualties -3%
Research Improvement +25%
Cavalry Offense Bonus +5%
Automatic Land Exploration +1 land/hour for each 1000 current land
Minimum return times for Race

Wonder Gold Required Mana Required Peasants Required
Castle Stronghold 8,000,000500,00050,000
Orc Training Field 8,000,000350,00010,000
Great Wall 10,000,000350,00010,000
Thieves Den 10,000,000350,00025,000
Hanging Gardens 7,000,000400,00025,000
Clerics Healing Tower 8,000,000250,0008,000
Cavalry 6,500,000180,0006,000

Wonder Descriptions

Castle Stronghold

The Castle Stronghold is the financial center for the entire sphere. Merchants deposit large amounts of gold here for safekeeping. Rich landowners and royalty also entrust their valuables to this seemingly impenetrable financial fortress. Built using layers upon layers of huge blocks of solid stone, the Castle Stronghold is impervious to any type of military attack. To ensure total protection of the valuables inside, the Castle Stronghold houses a garrison of soldiers ready to repel any thieves that venture too close.

Orc Training Field

Once used to train ancient Orcs for battle, the Orc Training Field can be used by the sphere which possesses it to train and develop elite military units. These units graduate the Training Field stronger and smarter than the average line unit. Some say that the souls of past warriors that trained on this field give the present graduates of this wonder their increased abilities in warfare.

Great Wall

Many poor souls died to construct this huge wall, which encircles the entire sphere. Entire armies meet their doom at the foot of this wall, and those who live to see what lies on the other side never return to tell of it. Cauldrons of boiling oil and expert archers ensure that brutal fatalities await any attackers. Spies find it nearly impossible to slip past this wonder so little is known about the strength or status of the sphere which possesses it.

Thieves Den

Most Rulers prefer to deny the existance of a network of thieves guilds across their lands, but some are only to happy to encourage this private enterprise as long as the thieves are prepared too allow the use of their unique services from time to time. Having the Thieves Den will give an increase in most areas of spy activity.

Hanging Gardens

The beauty of the Hanging Gardens is unsurpassed in the known world. Beings from far and wide make pilgrimages to this wonder year round, and return from seeing it with very high spirits. Because of the overwhelming feelings of joy that beholding the Gardens gives them, outsiders seek to move within the sphere in which it exists. However, the Hanging Gardens are not only a visual marvel. Sprouting up throughout the many acres are huge mana springs, which empty into enormous pools making the Hanging Gardens a very valuable source of mana.

Clerics Healing Tower

This wonder is the tallest structure within its sphere. The occupants of this tower believe that being closer to the heavens increases their ability to heal. After a battle, all casualties are brought to the Clerics Healing Tower in hopes that many of them will be saved. It has been said that these holy men can resurrect warriors from the dead and send their badly mutilated corpses back into battle.


It is said that the horse was nearly hunted to extinction by bands of Orcs that used them for their foul-smelling stews. Finding one horse in the known world is extremely rare, but to discover an entire herd of them is magical. The Cavalry adds a huge advantage in mobility to whoever possesses it. The ability to obtain information and quickly relay it is vital to the survival of an army. If its sphere comes under attack, the cavalry can return quickly from a battle to aid in defense.

Wonder Descriptions written by Chittyslam.

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