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Game Basics

-Score Types
-The Universe
-Newbie Status
-Chaos Mode
-Lightning Rounds

Account Control

-Account Details
-Magic Types
-My Realm
-My Status
-Hall Of Records


-Building Types
-Building Upgrades


-Unit Details
-Unit Upgrades
-Wizard Eye Scanner
-Attack Calculator


-Hostility and War
-Sphere Politics
-Facebook Center
-Mage's Council

-Premium Accounts
Mage Realms - Game Help Manual

My Realm
You can see detailed summary information about your realm by clicking on the My Realm link in the left game menu. This displays current information about your resources and military, as well as the login messages left for you by your Sphere Leader. It also shows your Honor, Morale and Glory.

This is the screen that you see when you first log in to your Mage Realms account.

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